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NSCI 300: Science and Technology (Prof. Becky Talyn): Intro to the Assignment

Your Assignment

Select a cutting-edge new technology. It can be something that has come out very recently, like within the last year, or one that is still in development. It can also be a very recent or in-development modification/improvement of an older technology. 

Find a popular source (magazine or newspaper article; an online article is ok, but not a blog or company website), published in this academic year, about that new technology. Also find a scholarly scientific source (peer-reviewed article from a scholarly scientific journal) about one specific aspect of the same new technology, and a scholarly source from outside science (peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal in another discipline).

This guide will explain how to find these sources.


Useful Videos

These brief videos will help if you're unfamiliar with the information literacy concepts related to this assignment.