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Printing in the Library: Introduction

Printing in the library can be trickier than you might think. Don't wait until 10 minutes before your class to discover this! #printing


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Until the library fully reopens, this service is temporarily unavailable.


     Printing in the library is SO much easier if you come prepared.  Here are the most common things that can make it complicated:

  • No CSUSB student ID card.
  • The only money you have is in coins and its not enough to make $1.
  • The only money you have is a $20 bill and you need change.
  • The only money you have is on a credit/debit card.
  • Your class starts in 10 minutes, it's the first time you've printed here, and there are long lines at the print stations.

Be kind to yourself--use this guide and be prepared!

Photo of upset female student.

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