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ART 5500: Undergraduate Professional Practices: Step 2: Preparing Your Files

File Types

The following file types must be used for your portfolio:

  • Images - JPEG files
  • Documents - PDF files
  • Videos - MP4 files

File Size

File size is important! The goal is to have smaller file sizes so that the the files are more manageable and require less storage space.


  • Try to aim for around maximum 1500px for the longest side. Images much larger than that may be harder to control and may take longer to load.


  • On average, PDF files should be 3MB or less.


  • MP4 video files cannot exceed 128MB (most files should be considerably smaller than this).

File Naming

Use the following file naming convention to better organize your files:

  • "FirstInitialLastName(underscore)DocumentType.pdf". Examples:

    • MSmith_ArtistStatement.pdf

    • MSmith_CV.pdf

    • MSmith_CoverLetter.pdf

  • For multiple files with the same DocumtentType add a 3 character numeric string starting with "001". Examples:

    • MSmith_painting001.jpg

    • MSmith_video001.mp4