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ART 5500: Undergraduate Professional Practices: Step 1: Getting Started

Setup Your Omeka Account & Login

An automated email will be sent from Omeka to your CSUSB email address. Follow the directions in this email to set-up and activate your free Omeka account. You MUST use this same CSUSB email address when setting up your Omeka account in order to access the ART 5500 Omeka site. There should be an option in this email to "activate" your Omeka account. Once this step is completed you will be able to access the ART 5500 Omeka site and begin creating your portfolio.

To login to your account after it has been established please visit

Create Your Portfolio in Omeka

Once you have setup your Omeka account and logged into the system you will see your Dashboard displayed. From here you will need to create your Portfolio (referred to as "Collection"In Omeka) by following these steps:

  1. Click the "Collections" tab in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click the green "Add a Collection" button.
  3. Enter information into the following fields.
    1. In the "Creator (Artist)" field you will enter your self-identification (e.g., artist, designer, art historian, etc.) followed by a colon (:) and first and last name formatted in Bold (to do this check the "Use HTML" box below). Example, "Artist: John Smith"
    2. In the "Title" field you will enter your first and last name followed by "Portfolio" in Italics (to do this check the "Use HTML" box below). Example, "John Smith's Portfolio"
    3. In the "Description (Artists Statement)" field you will enter "Statement:" followed by your Artists Statement.
    4. In the "Mediator (Instructor Name)" field you will enter "Professor:" followed by the first and last name of your course instructor. Example, "Professor: Alison Ragguette"
    5. In the "Is Part Of (Course Number and Title)" field you will enter "Course: ART 5500 (Undergraduate Professional Practices)".
    6. In the "Rights" field you will enter this text "All the copyright and other intellectual property rights in our website and the materials including but not limited to works posted on our website are reserved."
    7. In the "Date (Semester and Year)" field you will enter the semester and year (e.g., Fall 2021).
    8. Leave the "Source" field  blank.
    9. When you have finished entering this information you will click the green "Add Collection" button on the right-hand side of the page (leave the "public" and "featured" checkboxes blank).

Video Tutorial: How to Add a Collection to Omeka

Please Do Not:

  • Set your Collection to "Public" or "Featured" (VRC will take care of this).
  • Add multiple Collections. You should only have one Collection for your portfolio (Collection Title should be your first and last name followed by "Portfolio").