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ART 5500: Undergraduate Professional Practices: Senior Portfolio: Studio Art


The completed Senior Portfolio for Studio Art will consist of:

1. A Portfolio of your Art Work:

20 jpeg images that document your work. Images should measure no more than 1500 pixels wide on the longest side.

2. Artist’s Statement ( Plans 1 & 2):

A brief statement (half a page) about the ideas, concerns, and implications of your artwork.

3. CV:

A chronology of your educational, Artistic, Scholarly and Employment experience.

4. Cover Letter:

A letter that would accompany a formal application for a job, admission to further education or graduate school, a gallery or other professional presentation.

5. Check List:

A verbal and visual list of the works in your portfolio. Includes Thumbnail image + Title, Date, Dimensions, Medium and other pertinent information for each work in your portfolio.

6. Signature/Cover Sheet:

A PDF signature page with all completed signatures

7. Art History Papers:

Three graded papers from art history classes with feedback and grades from the Professor

8. Written and Visual Documentation of Your Art Projects:

Document the process of 3 of your art projects, from inception to completion. This will include, but not be limited to, Sketches, Initial Concepts or Problems to be Solved, + Research Notes, Research Influences, Sources, from the beginning of the project, through your execution of first drafts, rejections, transformations, and corrections, to the final results. This is to be presented in a narrative format or words and images. This may be written in any number of ways including traditional paper, PowerPoint presentation or video.

9. Art Work Critical Analysis:

A Written description and analysis of a major artwork from (RAFFMA). This paper must describe the work of art in terms of materials, formal qualities, and conceptual underpinnings of the work. Your argument must present a cohesive thesis that provides a framework to better understand the work you choose.