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ART 5500: Undergraduate Professional Practices: Step 4: FInal Submission & Sign Off

Sharing Your Portfolio for Review

Contact the VRC when your portfolio is complete so that they can make it publicly available online. To do this, email them at

Once this step is completed by the VRC, you will need to supply your portfolio reviewer with the URL of your publicly accessible portfolio webpage.

  • Login to Omeka
  • Click the "Collections" tab in the left-hand navigation bar
  • Locate your Portfolio by name and click on it
  • Click the "View Public Page" button on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Copy the URL displayed at the top of the page and forward along to the faculty member
    • Ex, 

NOTE: The reviewer will not need to login to Omeka to review your portfolio. They should have direct access via the URL that you send them.

Completing Your Portfolio

Adobe Sign is used to obtain the necessary faculty signatures for portfolio sign-off.

Should you need any further help please email: