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ART 5500: Undergraduate Professional Practices: Senior Portfolio: Visual Studies


The completed Senior Portfolio for Visual Studies will consist of:

1. A Portfolio of your Art Work:

15-20 jpeg images that document your work. Images should measure no more than 1500 pixels wide on the longest side.

2. Artist’s Statement ( Plans 1 & 2):

A brief statement (half a page) about the ideas, concerns, and implications of your artwork.

3. CV:

A chronology of your educational, Artistic, Scholarly and Employment experience.

4. Cover Letter:

A letter that would accompany a formal application for a job, admission to further education or graduate school, a gallery or other professional presentation.

5. Check List:

A verbal and visual list of the works in your portfolio. Includes Thumbnail image + Title, Date, Dimensions, Medium and other pertinent information for each work in your portfolio.

6. Signature/Cover Sheet:

A PDF signature page with all completed signatures

7. Art History Papers:

Three graded papers from art history classes with feedback and grades from the Professor

8. Two coursework samples of your best coursework from Art 3400, 3331, 3332, 2280, 2329, 4460, & 4520

Examples include essays, field study project, case study, public art project, etc.

9. Two coursework samples of your best work from ART 2395 & 4551

Examples include lesson plans, reflection, and/or other evidence (photos, student work, etc.) from service-learning projects.