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A Faculty Guide to Kanopy Streaming Video: Link to Licensed Kanopy Videos

How faculty can find, request, and link to Kanopy streaming videos, and also check license expiration dates.


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     Once a Kanopy video has been licensed, there are three ways you and your students can get to it:

  • via a user-friendly direct link provided when your video request is approved
  • via a share link in the Kanopy database
  • via OneSearch.


You will receive a user-friendly direct link when your video request is approved also the expiration date for the license.  If you lose the user-friendly direct link to a Kanopy video, please contact Librarian Bonnie Petry.  Alternatively, you could follow the steps for Share Link in the Kanopy Database below, or the steps for OneSearch on the right.

User-friendly direct links also may be used on websites or in emails to students.  Here's how to recognize them and determine if they are complete.  There are three parts.

1. The CSUSB proxy server (

2. The standard Kanopy prefix (

3. The ID number of the specific video (123456)


To get another type of direct link to an already-licensed Kanopy video:

1.  Below the video there is a toolbar.  Click on the Share button.

Share button

2.  Copy the Share link that shows up.

3.  Add the library's proxy server prefix as shown.  Do not leave a space after the = sign.

4.  The entire resulting link may be used in online classes, websites, or in emails.


The permalink to the OneSearch record for the licensed Kanopy video may be used to go directly to step 3 shown below.  You can find and copy the permalink (which does not require the addition of the proxy server prefix) by clicking on this icon from the top tool bar in a OneSearch record:

Permalink icon.

Without a permalink there are more steps:

1.  Search for the title of the video in OneSearch set to Books & Media (CSUSB).

2.  In the search results, either click on the title of the video or the Available online link to go to the OneSearch record.

Video title: The Immigration Paradox.  Available online.

3.  Click on the Available online at: Kanopy Streaming Video: CSUSB Licensed Titles link to go to the video in Kanopy.

Available online at: Kanopy Streaming Video: CSUSB Licensed Titles.

Embedding & Playlists


To embed a video from any of our streaming video databases, or to create a playlist, please see our guide Streaming Video: Tips for Instructors.

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