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Using Home

This guide, created by Prof. José A. Muñoz, will help you navigate and find useful data about the communities you are researching.

Step 1

A. Click on the link below!

B. The link takes you here.

C. Type in your zip code.

Step 2

A. You will land on the following page that shows different kinds of tables and charts.

Censusreporter results page

B. Scroll down to the Race & Ethnicity table.

Step 3

A. Put the cursor over the Race & Ethnicity table and right click. You will get the following menu.

B. See the Web capture option? Click on it.

Step 4

A. Once you right click on web capture then you screen will change to the following.

Capture area screen

BClick on the Capture area box.

C. Take your cursor and drag it over the data table.

Step 5

A. Take your cursor and drag it over the data table.

B. When you are done “capturing the table” it should look like the following.

Fully captured data

C. By selecting the data this way you allow for a clean simple copy of your table. CLICK COPY.

Step 6

A. NEXT COPY over your data to a WORD document.

Add table to Word doc.

  1. Name at the top.
  2. Zip code underneath your name.
  3. Underneath the table/chart that you copied over. Provide an answer to the following.

You will give me a brief interpretation of the table. Three sentences minimum.

Your GOAL: I you want to look at the table and tell me what comes to mind. What do you notice? What can you reflect on? Just tell me what you think.

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