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Streaming Video: Tips for Instructors: Performance Rights?

How to make best use of the library's streaming video databases for your courses!

What about Pfau Library's DVDs?

Pfau Library owns this DVD, so can I show it to my group?

That depends! 

Are you an instructor showing a film to your class for teaching purposes, not for entertainment? 

Then yes.

For all other types of showings: No, probably not. 

Just buying a DVD does not give the Pfau Library (or anyone else) the public performance rights for the film. Performance rights are usually sold separately, for an additional cost. 

We do buy public performance rights for a select few titles. In general, these are films that we have purchased specifically to screen in the "Summer Movies on Lawn" series, or to stage a special campus showing in the Library Multimedia Center. 

Kanopy Streaming Video

Can I show a Kanopy streaming video to my group?

Kanopy has pretty generous terms of use! Read their statement below:

However, it's important to understand what "authorized users" means in this context.

"Authorized users" includes current students and employees of CSUSB.  Basically, if you're able to log into one of our Kanopy films from off-campus, you're an authorized user.

Members of general public--that is, anyone who isn't currently affiliated with CSUSB as a student or an employee--are NOT authorized users.

What does this mean?

You are free to arrange showings of Kanopy films to any on-campus group, whether that's during a class, or as part of a campus organization's activity, so long as you are not charging admission and not making any profit from the showing.

However, YOU CANNOT INVITE THE PUBLIC to view the film.