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Streaming Video: Tips for Instructors: Digital Theatre Plus

How to make best use of the library's streaming video databases for your courses!

Go to the database

Link to Digital Theatre Plus content

Because Digital Theatre Plus relies on Shibboleth/SAML authentication, the pattern for creating deep links to specific content is a little different from our other databases that use EZproxy for authentication.

Here's the basic URL template: 

You would replace the portion noted with the direct link to a specific DT+ video, audio, or document.


If you want to link directly to the video of the short play "Rage"...

  1. Display the desired item in your web browser.
  2. Copy the URL displayed in your browser's location or address box:
  3. Paste that URL into the middle portion of the template given above, like so:

Try out the finished link to "Rage."

Tip: Most DT+ videos are broken out into smaller sections for more convenient linking, for example to acts, major speeches, and so on. Scroll down on the main production page to find these.

Link to a OneSearch record instead

Productions and written materials from Digital Theatre Plus all have records in OneSearch.

Display the full record for the item you want.

  • Go to the "Send To" section (at the top of the full record page).
  • Click the Permalink icon.
    Screenshot with Permalink icon and URL highlighted
  • Copy the URL provided and paste it into your Web page.
  • You do not need to add anything!

Example: All My Sons, Guide

For more information, check our Library Guide: