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ASTR 1000 (Prof. Laura Woodney): Magazine Articles

Resources for finding basic info about solar system objects.

Magazines vs. Journals

Many research assignments require you to use articles from Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Journals. Scholarly journals publish original, scientific research, written by professional scientists  for an audience of other scientists.

But scholarly journals do NOT provide basic background information, because they are intended for an audience that is already well-informed.

If you just want basic information, you need a Popular source, like a magazine, newspaper, or blog. As their name implies, popular sources are written to inform and entertain the general public. Popular Magazines don't requires readers to have specialized knowledge of any topic.

Recommended Magazines

These magazines are all covered in EBSCOhost Academic and are good sources for this assignment:

  • Discover
  • Science News
  • New Scientist
  • Scientific American
  • National Geographic

Find Magazines in EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier

Type your keywords into the EBSCOhost search box:

Search box with keywords: Jupiter red spot

From the list of results, on the left menu bar, mark the Source Types option for Magazines.

Source Types options with Magazines highlighted

Most of your results will include the full text of the article. Click any full text to read it. You can print, download, or email your results.

Top four magazine search results.