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Getting Help with Your Assignments: Connect With a Librarian

There are multiple ways to take advantage of professional help from librarians. Why make your research harder than it already is? #help #research


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     Being a college student doesn't mean that you automatically know how to do everything to successfully complete your assignments.  You will need help and it's O.K. to ask for it!  That's where the special expertise of librarians comes into play.  When you connect with a librarian and give them some details about your assignment, they will give you a customized search strategy for that assignment which will include the very best resources and how to use them.  Connecting with a librarian will save you time and trouble and help you turn in your very best work!

What Kinds of Questions Get Answered by the Librarians?

All of These and Much, Much More

   ★ Does the library have my textbook?

   ★ How do I get to PL-260?  To PL-45?

   ★ Can you help me find scholarly journal articles on my topic?

   ★ How can I get a book that the library doesn’t have?

   ★ Do you have the book, The Great Gatsby?

   ★ How do I reserve a study room?

   ★ How do I print out my paper?

   ★  I can't find the full text of my article—can you help me?

So What’s the Most Important Question the Librarians Answer?

YOUR question!


1.  In person at the Service Desk on the 1st floor.  No appointment necessary.

2.  By phone: 909-537-5091.

3. By scheduling  a Research appointment.  You choose the date and time that work best for you.  Research appointments are conducted both in person and via Zoom.

4.  By email.

5.  By text: 909-542-8990.

6.  By live chat with CSUSB librarians.  Go to the library's website and click on this button:

The Ask a Librarian button.

7.  By 24/7, 365 chat with a network of librarians.  This service also may be found under the Ask a Librarian button.


Not everyone who works in the library is a librarian.

Rely on the methods above to find one.

Gladiator picture: Research is not single combat! Librarians got your back!

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