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Printing in the Library: Detailed Guide: Printing from Your Laptop, Tablet, or Phone

Printing in the library can be trickier than you might think. Don't wait until 10 minutes before your class to discover this! #printing

THERE are actually two different ways to do wireless printing.  Try them both and see which one you like best.  The first one is most commonly used.


1. On your device, go to the mobile printing website for CSUSB.  The link is and here is a screenshot of that website:


Screenshot of mobile printing website.

2.  Enter your email address.  This is how you will identify your print job.

3.  Find what you want to print and touch the grey arrow button.  You will see this screen:

Screenshot of printing screen.

Touch the green print button and then this screen will appear:

Screenshot of release code.

4.  The release code (shown in green) to unlock your print job will appear on the screen shown above and also be sent in an email.

5.  At the touchscreen printing station for Library Printer 3, touch your email address.

Photo of touchscreen.

6.  A virtual keyboard will appear; enter your release code to see your print job(s).  Here's a photo of the keyboard:

Photo of virtual keyboard.

7.  Touch your print job; it will be highlighted in yellow.

Photo of touchscreen.

 8. Touch the  Continue button. 

Screenshot of Continue button.

9. Finally,  swipe your CSUSB ID card...

Photo of card swiping device.

...and touch the Pay and Print button.

Photo of Pay and Print button.


Thin blue line.