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PL-2005: How to Get There: Step-by-step With Photos

The PL building is complicated! Here's how to find PL-2005, the instructional lab where librarians teach classes and give workshops. #workshop, #workshops, #PL-2005, #class in library


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     There are three 2nd floors in the PL building--yes, really!  Here's how to get to PL-2005 the instructional lab used by the librarians to teach classes and give workshops.


The south entrance to the library.          The north entrance to the library.

1. Use either one of the main entrances, south (photo on the left) or north (photo on the right), then go to the hallway on the first floor with the two sets of elevators.

Photo: The first set of elevators does NOT go the the 2nd floor.


2. DO NOT USE the first set of elevators.

Photo: Elevators or stairs to PL-2005.


3. DO USE either the the second set of elevators or the stairs.

Photo: PL-2005 the Library Instructional Lab.


4. Here's your destination visible at the top of the the stairs near the elevator.

Thin grey line.