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MGMT 302 (Prof. Krystal Rawls): CEO Leadership Assignment

This guide provides a detailed explanation of the assignment for this class, and recommends databases and search strategies that will help you. #MGMT 302 #CEO

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     CONFUSED by your assignment?  Sometimes this happens even if your professor has given you complete instructions and gone over everything in class.  Maybe you missed class that day?  And maybe when you asked your friend in the class to fill you in afterwards, they did not describe what was required as well as the professor did?  Or maybe you thought you understood the assignment when it was discussed in class, but when you got to the library you weren't so certain anymore?

     Fortunately, librarians are very familiar with many types of assignments and can help you sort things out.


" Two sources can be media-related to support

background information on the the leader..."

--Prof. Rawls

     YOU WILL need to find two articles (sources) that give some information about the CEO you chose.  They DO NOT need to be scholarly journal articles.  You can use any ordinary magazine or newspaper articles that have information on the CEO's life and work.  Look for ones that also give some clues about their leadership style and read them carefully.  Try to decide what style of leadership your CEO exhibits before you go on to the second step.  This will make the second step easier.

Here are two recommended databases to begin with.  Ask at the Research Assistance Desk on the 1st floor if you need further help.

     NOT SURE why a source is considered to be popular or scholarly?  Try one or both of these links:


"...three sources are to be scholarly, peer-reviewed

articles related to leadership styles."

--Prof. Rawls

     YOU WILL need to find three articles (sources) from scholarly journals (also known as peer-reviewed journals) that give detailed information and analysis of leadership styles.  You already have some idea of which style your CEO exhibits, so now you can more easily choose scholarly journal articles that discuss that style.  These articles DO NOT have to mention your CEO, just the style of leadership associated with her or him.  Again, read these articles carefully.  As you read them, be thinking about how the  leadership style information applies to your particular CEO.

Here are two recommended databases to try.  There's more help if you need it at the Research Assistance Desk on the 1st floor.


     YOUR GOAL in writing your paper is to pull together what you learned from ALL your articles in order to examine your CEO's leadership style.  This process is also called "synthesizing."  How can you use what you learned from the scholarly journal articles to better understand your CEO?  Do rely on your professor for guidance.  Essentially, you have gathered all the "ingredients" (sources) for your "recipe" (assignment) and now you are going to blend them together in the right way to make a "cake" (your paper).

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