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Kanopy: How to Request a Video for Your Class: Requesting Videos

Faculty: How to Request a Video for Your Class

The time to request a video is before the semster starts. If you wait too long, the Kanopy funds for the semester may already be depleted.

If you know the title of the video you want:

This is what the request form looks like:

Kanopy Request Form

The form asks for your name, email address, and how you would describe yourself. Faculty would select "Academic."

In the body of your message, please tell me

  • the course number for which you are assigning this video
  • the date on which you will assign it. If the video is approved, I'll ensure that it is available 3-4 days before you need it.

After You Request A Video

The request form goes to the Coordinator of Library Media Services, who will respond to your request within 3 working days.

When the request is approved, the library pays a one-year license for the video, and the video appears on the library's Kanopy page. 

All CSUSB students, faculty, and staff may view that video for free for one year. When the license expires, the video disappears from the library's Kanopy page, and a faculty member must request the video again.

To Browse Videos

If you don't have a specific title in mind but you have a subject, you have a few options.

Approval Criteria

It is impossible for any library to license/purchase every curricular resource; therefore, we have selection policies that govern how we decide what to license/purchase. This is a summary of our approval criteria for videos:

  • Curricular relevance: highest priority is given to materials which are essential to supporting the curriculum. Essential materials are those that are required in the course.
  • Anticipated frequency of use
  • Availability of closed captioning
  • Purchase/license price reasonable and funding available


  • Interdisciplinary nature
  • Favorable reviews or awards
  • Reputation of the creator
  • Reputation of the distributor
  • Quality of technical production

Student Choice Videos for Assignments

If your students watch videos as part of extra credit assignments, or if you ask them to view videos of their choice as part of regular assignments, please direct them to use the videos we have already licensed.