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Kanopy Videos Expire!

If you use a particular video in your class each time you teach it, you should confirm that the video is still available before every school term.

Kanopy licensed videos expire after one year.

When a video expires, you have to request it again for another year.

Other Streaming Video Databases

Use OneSearch to See if Your Video Has Expired

Let's say your video of choice is "Social Media Addiction," and you know you used it in your class last term. Use OneSearch to see if it's still available to you:


Screenshot of OneSearch


When you locate your video, click "Available online" to see if it has expired:


If it says "Licensed for unlimited viewing until..." then it's still available until that date.


If it has expired, no date will appear. Instead, you'll need to request the video again by clicking on the "By Request Only" link:

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