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A Faculty Guide to Kanopy Streaming Video: Introduction

How faculty can find, request, and link to Kanopy streaming videos, and also check license expiration dates.


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     Founded in 2008, the Kanopy company delivers streaming video to both public and academic libraries via its database of the same name.  The content encompasses movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films, and educational videos.

     Where most other streaming video companies sell unlimited access to whole collections of videos for an annual fee, with few exceptions, Kanopy only sells licenses to individual videos.  The average price for a one-year license for a single video is $150.  In order to keep Kanopy as affordable as possible, only faculty members may request Kanopy videos.  Requested videos must be required viewing for all students in a class.  Screening only sections of a video in class or offering optional extra credit viewing do not qualify. The purchase of video licenses is dependent on available funding.


Questions, concerns, or comments?  Please contact Librarian Bonnie Petry.


Cagle, Chris. (2019, May 3) Kanopy: not just like Netflix, and not free. Film Quarterly: Quorum.

Published March 25, 2021     Last updated on May 5, 2021

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