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PSYC 311 Library Lab: Pre-Assignment

Use the resources on this guide to complete your library assignment.

Introduction to the PsycINFO Library Lab

Part of this class is the completion of a library lab. In order to be prepared, please read the materials, view the videos, and respond to the questions on this page. After you're done, click on the "Lab Materials" tab above to view the lab materials and your lab report (your instructor will give you the password to access the report).

Popular and Scholarly Sources

This 4-minute video explains how and why popular and scholarly sources are different.

View this before you attend the library lab.

Need Help with APA?

Peer Review

This 3-minute video explains the process of peer review and why it's important.

View this before you attend the library lab.

Respond to These Questions

Print out and complete this exercise after you have viewed the videos and read the articles.

Bring your completed exercise with you to the library lab--you'll be turning it in for credit at that time.