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PSYC 350: Development of Exceptional Children (Prof. Sharon Ward): Your Assignment

This guide helps you find a research article for your written project.

Your Assignment

Your Assignment

  1. Choose an educational disability that you are interested in.

  2. Consider what you have learned about this disability in class readings.

  3. Think of a movie, television show, or online video in which this disability is portrayed in some way. How is the disability characterized?

  4. Find a research article that studied this disability and refers to this characterization.

  5. Write an informative paper in which you describe the study's purpose, methods, and findings.

  6. To help your reader understand the article, use examples from the movie/television/video you thought of.

For Example...

Think about it like this...

  1. You are interested in autism.

  2. You learned in class that people with autism have difficulty understanding other people's feelings.

  3. You saw the movie, "Rain Man" with Dustin Hoffman, and he did not seem to understand his brother's feelings.

  4. You decide to look for a study about autistic people and empathy.

  5. You search PsycINFO, and you find an interesting article that reports on a study about autism and empathy.

  6. You write your paper, summarizing the purpose, methods, and findings of the study and using specific examples from "Rain Man" to clarify your points.

Caution: You may not use this example in your paper!