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Searching for Scholarly Articles in One Particular Journal: Follow These Steps

Sometimes, instead of allowing you to use scholarly journal articles from any journal, professors will require you to use one particular journal. Here's what you need to do. #scholarly journals #article

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1. Choose the Journals List Search

On the front page of the library's website, find the Quick Links box and click on Journals List:

Quick Links: Journals List

2. Search for the Journal and Enter the Relevant Database

Next, enter the title of the journal you want into the search box and run the search:

Screenshot of search for journal title, journal of atmospheric chemistry

Find the matching result (you may get a list of items), then click on the Check online availability link to go directly to the relevant database:

Screenshot of search result

No search results? The library may not have a subscription to the journal you are looking for. Ask a librarian to double check it.

3. Find the Search Within this Journal or Publication Feature and Run Your Search

In this example, we see a database that uses the EBSCO interface. Click on the Search within this publication link.Screenshot of journal-specific screen in relevant database

Now we can enter a keyword search that will only bring back results from this one journal! Please note that in the EBSCO interface, you need to type the "and" command between the journal title (which automatically shows up) and your keyword. Other interfaces may not need this.

Screenshot of search in one journal

Two Other Examples of the Search Within this Publication Feature




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