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Associated Press (AP) 55 E Citation Guide: Abbreviations

Brief explanation of the AP citation style and formatting.

AP Styleguide

For more detailed information and examples, please see The Associated Press Stylebook (55th edition).  Abbreviations are  discussed on pages 1-2, 3, 6, 10-11, 45, 67-68, 73, 76-78, 127, 138, 190, 193-195, 199, 222, 282, 296-298, 343, 450, and 425.


Abbreviate the names of months, sometimes. 

When referring to the month or the month and the year, do not abbreviate the month.

  • August
  • August 2017

But, when using a month with a specific date, abbreviate January (Jan.), February (Feb.), August (Aug.), September (Sept.), October (Oct.), November (Nov.), and December (Dec.). The other months (April, May, June, July) will still be spelled out, even when with a specific date.

  • Jan. 7
  • Feb. 8, 2020
  • March 15
  • April 22, 2019

When using tabular material (material in a table), all months take the first three letters only and without a period following those three letters, but still with an initial capital letter.




Academic Degrees

Use an apostrophe when using the degree in general and maintain lowercase. 

So-in-so has a bachelor's degree. While Such-in-such has a master's degree. However, Whosit has a doctorate in psychology.  But Whatsit has an associate degree.


Do not use an apostrophe for a specific degree and capitalize.

So-in-so has a Bachelor of Arts degree. While Such-in-such has a Master of Science degree.  


Use an abbreviation of credentials when there are many names and only after a complete proper name. And don't use a title (Dr., Prof.) when doing so to avoid redundancy. 

When Lisa Bartle, Ph.D., presented her work the room was quiet.

When Bartle presented her work the room was quiet.


Use abbreviations St., Blvd., and Ave. with a numbered address.

The central office is located on 45 Main St.


Spell out and capitalize street, boulevard, and avenue when a proper name without a number.

We walked up Downing Street for the meeting. 


Spell out and lowercase when used generally or for more than one street.

The accident occurred at the corner of Main and Central boulevards.  


Other kinds of words used in addresses (road, drive, alley) are not abbreviated .

I saw that dark wizard on Daigon Alley.

The address is 9 Daigon Alley.

The tardis landed in an alley near 221b Baker Road.


Use only most commonly know abbreviations, and use them without periods.

Climate change a global problem says the UN.


Try not to use abbreviations for state name, but if necessary, use two-letter, all caps.

Other blue states follow California's model.

Blue states follow CA's model.


Use an abbreviated title with a full name and without credentials.

The moderator welcomed Dr. Bart Ehrman to the debate.

The voters elected Gov. Miriam Townsend to another term.