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Users' Guide to AVON & PBS Databases: How to Find AVON Videos

How to search the AVON databases and link to a video.


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AVON (Academic Video Online)

This multidisciplinary streaming video database contains thousands of videos divided into subject-specific channels several of which we have separated out for you in our list of streaming video databases.  Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company provides the content for AVON.  Access is limited to current CSUSB students, staff, and faculty; use your normal campus login when prompted.  Find all of the AVON databases on our list of streaming video databases and here is the list of those databases:

  • AVON (Academic Video Online)
  • AVON (Academic Video Online):  Local Titles
  • PBS Video Collection
  • AVON (Academic Video Online): Classical Music Channel
  • AVON (Academic Video Online): Counseling & Therapy Channel
  • AVON (Academic Video Online): Education in Video Channel
  • AVON (Academic Video Online): Psychology & Counseling Channel
  • AVON (Academic Video Online): Theatre Channel


The small AVON search box.

Click the small AVON search box to enlarge it.  You can now enter a keyword search of all the content in the channel you chose from our list.  If you click the down arrow next to Current channel, a drop-down menu gives you three more search options: All videos, All channels, and All interactions.  Use either of the first two options to search the entire AVON database.

Drop-down menu with alternate search options: all videos, all channels, and all interactions.

You can sort your search results in several ways.

Sort by options: newest arrivals (default), relevance, title, release date newest first, and release date oldest first.

You can filter your results.  Clicking the AVON filter icon allows you to choose from a number of filters including: Subject, Publisher, Person, Content Type, Language, and Release Date.

The AVON filter icon.


Instead of searching each streaming video database separately, you can search all of them at once if you use OneSearch.

STEP 1: Enter a title or title keyword and choose the Books and Media (CSUSB) search option as shown below.

Sample search: 2001 a space odyssey books and media (CSUSB).

STEP 2: To the left of your search results, under Refine my results - Availability, click the box for Available Online and under Resource Type, click the box for Video, and then Apply Filters .  This step eliminates everything except streaming videos.  Click Keep filters active while I search to continue searching for streaming videos.

STEP 3: Click the title of a video, and on the next screen the link to the database (name will vary).


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