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Describes the PICO interface and how to use it effectively.

PICO Guide, Printable PDF

Medline's PICO Interface

Definition of PICO

PICO, an acronym for "patient, intervention, comparison, outcome," is a technique for formulating a question and inputting it into medical databases, such as Medline or CINAHL. It helps you think more clearly and input a better query. Some databases have a PICO interface, such as Medline. Others, like CINAHL, do not.


Explanation of the PICO Structure
Definition Description
P=Patient or Problem       Consider a description of the patient (age, gender, ethnicity) and/or the condition or disease.
I=Intervention What intervention or treatment is in question? This could be a drug, a test, a procedure, or an exposure.
C=Comparative intention    What is the alternative action you are considering? This may be left empty if there is not an alternative under consideration.
O=Outcome This is what you hope to accomplish, improve, or alter.


Screenshot of Medline's PICO interface

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