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Library Ambassadors: Home

This guide contains materials distributed at the Fall 2020 Student Mentor Library Ambassador training.

About the Program

Library Ambassadors (LAs) are trained in the basics of the Pfau Library, including services available to new students and how to find resources for common assignments. LAs present this information to first-year students in select courses and share their personal experiences with doing research at CSUSB. Each class visit will be approximately 45 minutes. This is an opportunity to show off your public speaking skills, share your own experiences as a student, and promote programs and events that are meaningful to you. It will also look great on a resume! 

First year courses you'll visit this year:

  • Written Comm (English): ENG 1050, 1070, HON 1100
  • Oral Comm (Comm Studies): COMM 1006, HON 1300
  • US History (History): HIST 1460
  • First Year Seminar (offered through various departments)
  • Freshman Learning Community (Undergraduate Studies): USTD 1000A

Presentation Materials

Survey to Distribute at End of Class Visit

Review Before Your Class Visits

Additional Resources