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SSCI 325: Perspectives on Gender (Prof. Donna Garcia): Your Assignment: Research Paper

Your Assignment

Your Assignment

  1. Purpose of this assignment:
    1. Learn how to search for information on gender
    2. Distinguish credible, research-based sources from popular sources
    3. Evaluate the information on web sites of your choosing
  2. Development of your research question
    1. A topic concerning the issue of gender
  3. Search for web sites using a search engine
    1. Google is popular, of course!
    2. There are other options that may offer more security. See the article 17 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google from Search Engine Journal.
  4. Write your paper
    1. ​Clearly state the question you set out to answer
    2. Describe the identification process of the web sites used
    3. Summarize the answer to the question that you found on each
    4. Evaluate the credibility of the information on each web site

For Example...

Think about it like this...

  1. You are interested in communication.

  2. You learned in class that males and females communicate in different ways, you decide you want to answer the question "why do males and females communicate differently?". 

  3. You use Google to search for websites, using the keywords gender and communication.

  4. You write your paper, summarizing your question, search process, answers you found on your question, and an evaluation of the credibility of each web site you used. 

Caution: You may not use this example in your paper!