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Animal Farm Book Discussion: Home

Banned Book Week Sept 18-24, 2022

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Animal Farm

Banned Book discussion with Dean Rebecca Lubas: 



Book cover, Animal Farm, George Orwell, with silhouette of a pig

Brief Summary: 

A political satire in which a Communist revolution and dictatorship is enacted when the animals of an English farm drive out the human owner and take over.

About the Author

Photo portrait of Goerge Orwell, showing the head and shoulders of a middle-aged man, with black hair and a slim mustache

George Orwell, pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair, (born June 25, 1903, Motihari, Bengal, India—died January 21, 1950, London, England), English novelist, essayist, and critic famous for his novels Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-four (1949), the latter a profound anti-utopian novel that examines the dangers of totalitarian rule.