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Quick Guide to finding writer's markets with Submission Grinder

About Submission Grinder

The Submission Grinder is a donation-supported website/search engine that writers can use to identify places to submit their work. 

You can use it for free: by just going to the website and looking for markets that look like a good fit. Once you locate some likely prospects, take the next step to look at some of their recent publications to make a more in-depth analysis. Once you have identified the market where you want to submit your work, go to their website and hunt around until you find their writer's guidelines. Then follow those meticulously. Most of these publishers receive hundreds more submissions than they can use, and the easy first screen is to dump all the manuscripts that prove the author incapable of following directions.

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If you start a free account, then you can go into Submission Grinder by a different path, and save information on where and when you submitted your work. If you update the record of your submission with the dates the publisher responded, that data goes into Submission Grinder and shows up in the "time until a response" metrics for the publisher. This is helpful to the community. Sometimes you write something that you feel is topical, and then you might decide to avoid publishers who take over a year to respond.

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