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Legal Research: California: Laws (Statutes)

Help with common legal research questions.

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Regulations vs. Laws

Many aspects of public life are controlled by regulations rather than by laws.

Regulations are made by government agencies, rather than legislative bodies. The government may give agencies or departments the authority to make regulations in order to carry out the intent of a particular law.

Find a Law (Statute or Code Section): Online

By subject: Do a keyword search in the box at the top of the page, using words describing your subject.

If you know the code citation: For example, to find Cal. Lab. Code § 3859, type: 

Cal Lab 3859

Westlaw is forgiving about the form of the citation; anything relatively close will usually produce the desired result.

However, you will get best results if you know the correct code section (Labor, Education, Commercial, etc.) You may also browse the different code sections from the search page. 

If you know the popular name: Do a keyword search for the popular name of the law or act:

Unruh Civil Rights Act

Find a Law (Statute or Code Section): In Print

We no longer retain the print version of West’s Annotated California Code. The San Bernardino County Law Library, in downtown San Bernardino, may still have hard copies. 

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