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Psychology Resources: Introduction

How this Guide Works

The library has 160+ databases and thousands of books and journals in the field of psychology. This global access can be a little overwhelming, so this guide provides a selection of databases, journals, and books for each of the major sub-fields of psychology.

Psychology Books

Books in academic libraries are shelved in order by Library of Congress Call Number; the number is based on the book's subject.

You can browse the shelves at the following locations. (Hs are on the 3rd floor, BFs are on the 4th floor; Rs are on the 5th floor.)

  • BF 1 - BF 839 Psychology.
  • HF 5548.7 - HF 5548.85 Industrial psychology.
  • HQ 1 - HQ 2044 The family, marriage, children. 
  • RC 475 - RC 489 Therapeutics. psychotherapy.
  • RC 512 - RC 569.5 Psychopathology.
  • R 726.5 - R 726.8 Medicine and disease in relation to psychology.
  • RC 49 - RC 52 Psychosomatic medicine.
  • RC 321 - RC 571 Biological psychology, neuropsychology.


The Pfau Library has over 200,000 ebooks. Explore them by typing your topic into the "Ebook Collection Search" below, or type in one of the Psychology subjects, such as psychosomatic medicine, from the box to your left.

Ebook Collection Search

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