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Sociology: Articles & Journals

Resources for sociology research.

Database Search Tips

Think of keywords, or important words describing each aspect of your topic, such as:

mexican american ritual

Put quotation marks around words you want to search as a phrase, such as "mexican american"

If you are not getting the results you want, think of synonyms or related terms that might get at your topic. For example:

chicano tradition

You might find that you have too many search results. To narrow down your search, add more keywords. For example:

chicano tradition religious

Keep track of the keywords you use! You will want to try the same searches in different databases.

Suggested Databases

Scholarly Journal Articles and Peer Review

Nearly all of the library's databases contain many articles from scholarly journals; also called peer-reviewedrefereed, or academic journals. When you do a search, look for an option (usually a check box) to limit your search to this type of material. 

For more on the peer review process, check out the video below:

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