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Publishing a Scholarly Article: Publishing

This guide walks you through how publishing works, including choosing the right journal, the process of peer review, and what to expect if and when your paper is accepted for publication.


You might have heard back from the journal's editor with the news that your manuscript has been accepted for publication. Congratulations!

However, it is very common that you will be asked to make some changes/revisions based on the reviewers' feedback. If you are unclear or have questions about any of this feedback, contact the editor.


  • If your paper is accepted but not yet published, is it typically referred to as a preprint (these are sometimes made digitally available to readers).
  • Once it is published, it is typically referred to as an article.

Rights Management

Once your manuscript has been accepted, you will engage in what is called rights management. This typically means that you will be asked to sign a publishing agreement that addresses issues such as copyright as well as your rights as an author. Read this document carefully!

You can learn more about specific publishers' copyright and self-archiving policies here:

Use the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) contract addendum to keep your rights to re-use:

Sharing Your Article in CSUSB ScholarWorks

Before or after publication, you might choose to place your article in what is called an Institutional Repository (IR). IRs make available digital content associated with an institution like a university or college. IRs contain a variety of creative output and research materials, from photographs to dissertations and theses. Often, faculty will share their articles in institutional repositories.

There are many benefits of sharing your research in ScholarWorks, including:

  • Your research will be digitally preserved
  • Your research will be freely available worldwide
  • Search engine optimization means your publications can be easily found via a web search
  • You can reach a wider audience, increasing the impact of your work
  • You can track interest in your research through monthly readership reports
  • You can easily share your research with colleagues and students

To deposit an article:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Select "Submit Research" and log in
  3. Find your department
  4. Give CSUSB ScholarWorks permission to post your research
  5. Provide supporting information and upload your research

Tutorial: Open Access

You might have decided to publish in a journal that uses or offers an open access publication model, which makes your article freely available (rather than require that people pay for it or retrieve it through a library database).

Check out the video below for more information about open access versus traditional publishing models.

If you are unsure if a journal is open access or have questions about its publishing model, feel free to contact us.

Tutorial: Information Economics

Curious about traditional academic publishing models? Check out this tutorial!