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Narrowing a Topic: STRATEGIES 3

If your topic is too big for your paper, it makes things more difficult than they need to be. This guide has lots of strategies you can use right away to narrow down a topic. #narrowing a topic


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     Even if your assignment does not mention books, or permit you to use them as sources, they are incredibly useful when narrowing your topic and you don't have to read the entire book, just a little bit.  Here's how to do it:


1. Find a book in this library on your topic.  Use the OneSearch database and choose Books & Media (CSUSB). If you need help with this, ask any librarian at the Research Assistance Desk or online via the Ask a Librarian service.

2. Go get the book.  Since it is about your topic, it will discuss LOTS of different aspects of your topic all in one convenient location.

3. Your goal is to pick one of the narrower aspects of your topic that interests you.  You may do this by reading the table of contents to find an interesting chapter; by reading the introduction; or by randomly flipping through the book to see what catches your eye.

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