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How to Find Books at This Library and Get Ones We Don't Have: The CSU+ Service

Find books at this library or search all CSU libraries at once. Learn how to use CSU+ to request books from other CSUs. #1search #onesearch #books


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     If you need a book that's not in the Pfau Library, it might be at another CSU library.  Use OneSearch to search all the CSU libraries at once, and if you find it, request the book through the special CSU+ service.  For the fastest results, ALWAYS try this first before using our regular Interlibrary Loan service.

     If for any reason other CSUs are unable to fill your request--for example, if the book is already checked out--we will notify you by email.  The email will include a direct link to our Interlibrary Loan service which fills requests from libraries beyond the CSU system.  Follow the link and resubmit your request.



When you are done typing in your search, do not hit enter or return on your keyboard.  Instead, click on Books & Media (all CSU).

A search for American revolution women diaries.


After you get your search results, go to the tool bar at the top of the screen and sign in to My Library Account.  This unlocks the ability to request books from other CSUs.

Sign in link.


Books that are available in the Pfau Library will be at the top of your search results list.  The screenshot below shows two such books--one is online (Available online), and one is in print (Available at Pfau Library).

1 online book and 1 print book in the Pfau Library

A book that is owned by at least one other CSU library will say Check availability from other CSU libraries (CSU+).

                       A book available from another CSU library.


A. Click on the title of the book or Check availability from other CSU libraries (CSU+).

B.  On the next screen, click on Click here to request from other CSU libraries (CSU+).

                      Click here to request from other CSU libraries (CSU+).

C.  Unless you need one volume of a multiple volume set, or you need to pick up your book from the Palm Desert Campus library, just click the SEND REQUEST link and you are done!

The CSU + online form to request a book.


You are responsible for:

  • Returning items on time and in good condition.
  • Paying any late, lost, or damaged fees.
  • Following any special instructions on the paper slip on the front cover of the book, for example, For Library Use Only or Photocopying Not Allowed.


A stack of 6 books held up by a hand.

How long does it take to get a CSU+ book?

Due to COVID-19, 1-3 weeks.  Rest assured we always try to get CSU+ books as quickly as possible.


How much does CSU+ cost?

The CSU+ service is free for all current CSU students, faculty, and staff.  Help keep this service free by only ordering books you really need.


How will I know when to pick up a CSU+ book?

We will notify you by email.  You will have 3 days to pick it up.


Where do I go to pick up a CSU+ book?

The Check-Out Desk on the 1st floor,


the north entrance of the library (opposite the CGI building).  The outer doors are unlocked to allow access to lockers.  The email notification will have:

  • The number of the locker.
  • The code to open the locker.
  • The last day the items will be available to pick up.

Items ready for pickup are already checked out to you.  See the full details on this service in our guide, Request Items for Pickup.


Where do I go to return a CSU+ book?

One of the book-return slots inside the library or one of the exterior library return boxes.


How long do I get to keep a CSU+ book?

Most of them, for 16 weeks.  You will get an email with the due date; a reminder email 5 days before it is due; and another email reminder on the due date.  Check the due date by logging into My Library Account, then click on Loans.


Can I renew a CSU+ book?

Sorry, no, but you can request it again.


Can I access ebooks at other CSUs with CSU+?

Sorry, no.

Interlibrary Loan Office PL- 109 M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (in summer, M-TH) or 909-537-5093

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