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How to Find Books at This Library and Get Ones We Don't Have: Searching for Books: Print & E

Find books at this library or search all CSU libraries at once. Learn how to use CSU+ to request books from other CSUs. #1search #onesearch #books

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Contact-free requesting and pickup of library materials began on August 17th.

See Pfau Library Services During Closure: Check Out a Book, a DVD, or Audio-Visual Equipment.


   Get into the habit of signing in whenever you use OneSearch.  Signing in unlocks many useful features including the ability to see how long the check-out or loan period is for a book.  Look for the dark blue OneSearch tool bar:

Sign in

Searching This Library: Books and Media (CSUSB)

1. When you are done typing in your search, do not hit enter or return on your keyboard.  Instead, click on Books & Media (CSUSB).

A keyword search for dinosaurs extinction.

Refining Your Search Results

     Along the left-hand side of your search results list, you will see a tall, gray box containing the available limits you can use to refine your list.  Please note that the options will change based on the exact search you run.  Click on the down arrows next to a limit to see the drop-down menu.  Some of the limits may already be showing the expanded drop-down menus.

Reifne my results

Searching All CSU Libraries: Books and Media (all CSU)

1. When you are done typing in your search, do not hit enter or return on your keyboard.  Instead, click on Books & Media (all CSU).  Books at other CSU libraries can be ordered through our CSU+ service.  

Please note that while you will see both print and ebooks at this library, you will see only print books at the other CSU libraries.  This is due to restrictions in the contracts libraries must sign with the ebook publishers.

A keyword search for wildlife california.

Viewing Search Results

     Now that you have a list of results, what kinds of things are you looking at?  Here are some visuals.


A printed book.  There may not be an image of the cover.

Printed Book


An ebook.  HINT: the giveaway on this one is the link, "Available online."  Click through to read the book.

Screenshot of ebook.


Multiple copies/editions/formats of the same book.  Click through to see more detail and choose what you want.

Multiple copies/editions/formats


An audiobook.



Media (DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS, etc.).


Go to OneSearch

Thin green line.