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Users' Guide to Digital Theatre+: How to Find Digital Theatre+ Videos

How to search Digital Theatre+ and link to a video.


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Digital Theatre+

This database contains streaming video of major US and British theatre productions plus streaming audio of spoken-word drama.  Also includes written introductions, practical guides, backstage documentaries, and interviews with actors and directors.  Access is limited to current CSUSB students, staff, and faculty; use your normal campus login when prompted.  You will always be asked to login via MyCoyote, both on and off campus.  Find Digital Theatre+ on our list of streaming video databases.


The default search is everything.  This includes interviews, lesson plans, workshops, productions, and guides.  Each of these resource types have further subcategories.

The Digital Theatre+ search box with resource types drop-down men on the left.

To focus on a particular resource type, for example, productions (think videos), click the down arrow next to Resource types, then click in the menu box for productions.  Next, enter and run a title or keyword search.

At the top of your list of results you will find filters or limits to apply to your search under each of these buttons: Periods, Genres, Courses, Forms, Themes, and Production Companies.


Instead of searching each streaming video database separately, you can search all of them at once if you use OneSearch.

STEP 1: Enter a title or title keyword and choose the Books and Media (CSUSB) search option as shown below.

Sample search: 2001 a space odyssey books and media (CSUSB).

STEP 2: To the left of your search results, under Refine my results - Resource Type, click the boxes for Available Online and Video.  This step eliminates everything except streaming videos.

STEP 3: Click the title of a video, and on the next screen the link to the database (name will vary).

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