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Exercise Science Research Guide: Information Fitness

This Library Guide was created especially for Kinesiology students.


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     Exercise science tells us that improving and maintaining your physical fitness promotes overall wellness and longevity.

     Improving and maintaining your information fitness promotes overall academic wellness and longevity in your career path whether it takes you to graduate school or a professional position.

     You will have noticed when using Google that many sources of information are behind a paywall.  You may also have noticed that free Google sources are frequently not acceptable for university level research.  The Pfau Library provides CSUSB students with free access to more than 150 databases carefully selected for the high quality of their content.  Use those databases on the library's website!


Scholarly Journal Articles

  • Identifying them in general.
  • Identifying specific types.

Keyword Searching

  • Turning a topic into a keyword search.
  • Refining a keyword search.

Kinesiology Database Tutorials

  •  Tutorials for each of the 4 recommended databases.


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