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Users' Guide to Swank Digital Campus: How to Find SWANK Videos

How to search SWANK and link to a video.


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SWANK Digital Campus

This streaming video database contains the top 1,000 videos--both popular theatrical releases and documentaries--most requested by colleges and universities from SWANK.  Access is limited to current CSUSB students, staff, and faculty; use your normal campus login when prompted.  Find SWANK Digital Campus on our list of streaming video databases.

**PLEASE NOTE!  Public performance rights are NOT included.**


The SWANK search box showing drop-down menu with title and person options.

Click the down arrow next to Title to see both search options.

Title Search: Search by title or title keyword.

Person Search: Search by actor's or director's name.

Title view and category view in drop-down menu.

Click on the down arrow next to Title View to see both options.

Title View: View all the videos in alphabetical order by title.  Please note that titles beginning with "a", "an", or "the" are in alphabetical order by "a", "an", or "the" not the next word in the title.  This has been reported to SWANK.

Category View: View all the videos divided into categories such as action, adventure, etc.  The default view.

The SWANK filter tool.

Click the down arrow next to Filter to see all the options shown below.

Filter: Some useful options for finding videos.  Choose a single category, audio language, subtitle language, or movie industry rating.  No need to enter a search.

Filter option showing categories action, adventure, etc.

Audio language option showing the list of languages.

Audio Language: Many of the videos offer audio in languages other than English.

Subtitles: Many of the videos offer subtitles in languages other than English.

Rating: Choose from standard film industry ratings.


Begin a New Search: Click on the SWANK logo.

The SWANK digital campus logo.


Instead of searching each streaming video database separately, you can search all of them at once if you use OneSearch.

STEP 1: Enter a title or title keyword and choose the Books and Media (CSUSB) search option as shown below.

Sample search: 2001 a space odyssey books and media (CSUSB).

STEP 2: To the left of your search results, under Refine my results - Resource Type, click the boxes for Available Online and Video.  This step eliminates everything except streaming videos.

STEP 3: Click the title of a video, and on the next screen the link to the database (name will vary).

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