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Users' Guide to Kanopy Databases: How to Find Kanopy Videos at CSUSB

How to search Kanopy databases and link to a video.


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The CSUSB libraries have three streaming video databases from Kanopy: California Newsreels at Kanopy, Kanopy Streaming Video - CSUSB Site, and Media Education Foundation Videos at Kanopy.

Access is limited to current CSUSB students, staff, and faculty; use your normal campus login when prompted.  Find both of these databases on our list of streaming video databases.


Our Kanopy does not work the same way as a public library's Kanopy and what you can access is different.  Instead of giving you access to everything Kanopy offers, we went with specific collections.  Check  the Kanopy and Public Libraries tab of this guide to see if your local public library has Kanopy.

When searching a Kanopy database, you may be presented with a list of videos you don't have access to but are encouraged to request from your library.  This does not mean that you can actually get them from the library.  Kanopy videos are expensive, $150 - $500 each.


Browse or Search options.

Browse: Click this link to see categories of videos.

Scrolling: No need to click anything.  You also can browse the videos by simply scrolling.

Search: Click this link to enter a keyword or title search.



Instead of searching each streaming video database separately, you can search all of them at once if you use OneSearch.

STEP 1: Enter a title or title keyword and choose the Books and Media (CSUSB) search option as shown below.

Sample search: 2001 a space odyssey books and media (CSUSB).

STEP 2: To the left of your search results, under Refine my results - Resource Type, click the boxes for Available Online and Video.  This step eliminates everything except streaming videos.

STEP 3: Click the title of a video, and on the next screen the link to the database (name will vary).

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