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Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS): Open Education Sites

A collection of resources for affordable learning solutions (ALS) and open educational resources (OER).

Free Online Courses

‚ÄčOpen Yale Courses

My favorite open education site. Videos can be viewed or downloaded at varying qualities, plus audio download, and transcripts.

Annenberg Learner

While primarily targeted to K-12, there is a great deal of material that works for college applications, from statistics to language to history. Provides videos and transcripts. Navigation leaves a little something to be desired and transcripts are hidden.

MIT Open Learning Library

Provides all the content of the course except audio or video. 

Open Education Database

A catalog of online courses, but most have required registration (even if free), or take place during a specified time. Yale is the best for student use anytime.

I excluded Harvard and Berkeley because the bulk of their material is no longer free, easily available, full courses, or any combination therein.

Subject Guide

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