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Affordable Learning Solutions (ALS): Pfau Library Resources

A collection of resources for affordable learning solutions (ALS) and open educational resources (OER).

Pfau Library Resources

The Pfau Library's OneSearch system can tell you the materials the library owns, both paper and e-books, as well as articles that are OneSearch logoonline and videos. By searching here first, you can find the material and link to it in Blackboard.  If only a chapter or two are desired, students can be instructed how to download individual chapters as PDFs for their use. OneSearch also links to Project Gutenberg, which is the largest provider of public domain materials in fiction and non-fiction. With these materials, faculty can create their own materials by picking and choosing between books, chapters, articles, and encyclopedia entries, much of it available online.

Gobi3 login screen

Another route might be to choose between materials we don't own by using Gobi3. While the library acquires materials from several sources, Gobi3 is the ordering system the library uses the most. By looking in Gobi3, you can see what materials are available to the Pfau Library as an e-book, how many users, and the cost. You can then make contact with your department's liaison librarian to purchase that item. Please be clear if the item is a required text or not and for which quarter (or not).  E-books take much less time to order and to receive, so can be made available to your students more quickly.

E-mail:      Password: Library4U!

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