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Ebooks at Pfau Library: Intro

How ebooks from Pfau Library work, including download options.

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Ebooks FAQ

Does Pfau Library have ebooks?

Yes, lots! Around 180,000 as of 2015.

What kinds of books are they?

Books for research and study in a wide variety of subjects taught at the university. Sorry, no bestsellers or popular fiction!

Do I need a special device to read them?

No. They are designed to be easily readable in any Web browser.

Can I download the whole book to my ebook reader?

Maybe. It depends on (1) whether the provider of the ebook allows downloads, and (2) your technology comfort level. Generally, the downloadable books are in EPUB format and must first go to a computer with Adobe Digital Editions software installed and authorized, then be transferred from your computer to your ebook device.

Can I save part of the book?

Usually. You can often download a limited portion of the book as a PDF file to keep. Usually the limit is a chapter at a time, or up to a certain number of pages (60 pages is a common limit).

Are there limits on how many people can use an ebook?

Depends on the book! Most of our books allow for unlimited use. However, some ebook licenses allow only a limited number of simultaneous users; usually 1 or 3. If there's a limit, you'll see it noted in the Pfau Library Catalog record for the book. View a sample ebook record.

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