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Ebooks at Pfau Library: Ebook Central

How ebooks from Pfau Library work, including download options.

Ebook Central, aka "ebrary"

User Limits?

Most are unlimited, but some have 1 user or 3 user limits. 

Link to it!

Instructors, you can link to Pfau Library ebooks in your Blackboard course pages!

Special handling is required to ensure off-campus access. Please check our instructions on Linking to Library Resources: Ebooks.

Manage your bookshelf

Add a book to your shelf:

  1. In Ebook Central, view the main page of the book that interests you.
  2. Click the Add to Bookshelf icon (just under the book cover image).
  3. The icon will change to Added to Bookshelf.

If you viewing the text of the book, then you must click the Book (details) icon from the left menu bar. The Add to Bookshelf icon appears under the basic information about the book.

View your shelf:

  1. In Ebook Central, click the Bookshelf tab.
  2. All titles on your shelf will display.
  3. Click any title to read the full text.
  4. To remove a title from the shelf, click the trash icon at the far right of the title listing.

Organize your shelf:

  1. Click the Add Folder button at the left side of the page.
  2. Type a name for your folder, then hit enter or click Add Folder.
  3. Drag the book over to the desired folder to add it.
  4. Click on the folder name to view the titles in the folder.
  5. To remove a title from the folder, click the red X at the far right of the title listing.


Steps: Download a portion of a book

You can download a limited portion of an Ebook Central book as a PDF file that is yours to keep and will not expire. 

There is typically a page limit on printing; the number of pages allowed varies and is determined by the publisher, not the library. The limits always display on the main page for the book:

The "availability" section states how many pages are available to copy/print or download.

Scroll down on the main page for the ebook so that you can see the table of contents. An PDF download option appears next to each chapter. If a section is too large to download, you may need to unfold its sub-sections to get a PDF option:

A "Download PDF" icon appears to right of each chapter title.

If you choose the Read Online option, the steps are slightly different:
Blue "read online" button

Use the links in the table of contents panel to display the first page of the chapter you want.
The Table of Contents appears to the left when you are reading the book online.

Then choose Chapter Download icon from the toolbar:

The PDF icon appears in the toolbar directly above the display of the book's pages.

If you would rather specify a page range to download, choose the Print to PDF icon instead. 

Steps: Download entire book

Possible for some Ebook Central titles, but NOT RECOMMENDED! Trust us, it does not work the way you think it will. First, you must install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. For details, check the Working with EPUB tab in this guide.

Highlight or Add Notes

  1. In Ebook Central, view the full text of the book (click the Read Online button).
  2. Use your mouse to select any text you want to highlight.
  3. Click the Highlight icon on the Ebook Central toolbar, above the book page.
  4. If you are on campus, you will be prompted to sign in first.
  5. Your selected text will now be highlighted .

You can choose between yellow, pink, or blue highlight colors.

To attach a sticky note along with the highlighted text:

  1. In Ebook Central, view the full text of the book.
  2. Use your mouse to select any text for which you want to add a note.
  3. Click the Add Note icon on the Ebook Central toolbar, above the book page.
  4. Type your text into the sticky note, then click Save.
  5. Your highlight and note now appear on the page.
  6. Drag the lower right corner of a note to make it bigger or smaller.

To find text you have highlighted or noted in your book:

  1. Click the Star icon in the left Ebook Central menu bar.
  2. Click the text of any highlight or note to jump directly to it.

Any title with highlighting or notes automatically goes onto your Bookshelf. You can also jump to a highlight from your Bookshelf.

Remove notes or highlights

If you are viewing a page with a sticky note on it, click the X in the upper left of the note to delete it.

If you are viewing the text of the book:

  1. Click the Star icon from the left menu bar.
  2. Click the Trash icon to delete the highlight or note.

You can do the same while viewing your Bookshelf list of titles.