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Ebooks at Pfau Library: User Limits

How ebooks from Pfau Library work, including download options.

What are user limits?

Some ebook providers place limits on the number of people who can view or use an ebook at the same time. If you get a "busy" message or are asked to wait to read an ebook, this is the cause.

Any limits on the number of users will be noted in our OneSearch record for the book, right below the link for the full text, as shown here: 

Note showing a limit of 3 simultaneous users.

Here's a quick summary of user limitations on our largest providers of ebooks:

  • ACLS Humanities ebooks: unlimited
  • Ebook Central: most are unlimited; some are 1 user or 3 users (usually textbooks!)
  • EBSCOhost Ebooks: mostly 1 user, with a few 3-user exceptions
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library: unlimited
  • JSTOR: unlimited
  • MyiLibrary: unlimited
  • Oxford Reference Online Premium: 1 user, with specific unlimited exceptions
  • Oxford Scholarship: mostly 1 user, with a few 3-user exceptions
  • Safari Tech Books/O'Reilly: unlimited
  • SAGE: unlimited
  • Taylor & Francis: unlimited
  • Wiley: unlimited

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