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Ebooks at Pfau Library: O'Reilly (aka Safari)

How ebooks from Pfau Library work, including download options.

O'Reilly Books Online

User limits?

No simultaneous user limits.

Link to a chapter in O'Reilly (formerly Safari) ebooks

For O'Reilly Books:

  1. Display the book, book section, or video you wish to link to.
  2. Copy the URL that appears in the "Location" or "Address" box on your Web browser.
  3. Replace the string "" with the string "
  4. Do not add the proxy prefix! The change in the URL is telling O'Reilly who we are.


You want to direct your students to chapter 6 of the O'Reilly book Leadership Matters. This URL displays in your browser: 

To use the link in your course web pages, change the first part of the URL:

Download options vary!

The Safari/O'Reilly platform comes in two flavors: The web site, and the app.

The O'Reilly web site does NOT allow downloading at all. You must read the book online.

The O'Reilly app (called "O'Reilly Media") DOES allow downloading, but only for reading within the app itself. When you download an O"Reilly ri book to the app, you can read it even when you are offline, but you cannot export the book in any other format or view it outside O'Reilly Media.

Neither the web site nor the app offers any option for printing. 

You can download the app here:

Using O'Reilly Media

The first time you open the O'Reilly Media app, you will be prompted to login with your institutional account.

USE YOUR OFFICIAL CSUSB EMAIL ACCOUNT, that is, the address ending in or

You will be directed to MyCoyote to sign in. 

On Android phones, menu options appear under the 3-bar icon at the upper left of the screen:
If you have any items saved in your Safari web account, they will show in the Queue Playlists screen.

On iPhones, the menu options display at the bottom of the screen:

iPhone displays the options across the bottom of the screen.

(Remaining screenshots will show Android only.) 

The Discover option is first on the list of menu choices.

Once you find a book you want, open it, then tap the 1-2-3 icon at lower right. The Download options will appear in that menu.

Book display with download option highlighted.

Once you have downloaded a book, you can read it within the app at any time, even if you don't have a network connection. To read a book that you have not downloaded, you must be online.