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MKTG4160 Situation Analysis: Finding Industry Information

Guide for assignment for Sung-Hee Wendy Paik Management class

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Reach out for research help any time, day or night:

You can walk into the Library when the Research Assistance Desk is open and get in-person help. (Hours are listed on the Library Home Page - look for the Research Assistance hours.)

You can call the Research Assistance Desk when it is open to get help via the phone.

You can use the "Ask A Librarian" chat any time, day or night, from the Library Home Page.

If you would like more in-depth research assistance, schedule an appointment with a librarian. The Research Appointments link is right below the Ask a Librarian link. 

Industry Information in Standard & Poors NetAdvantage

The CFRA Equity Research Reports provide a section on how the industry works. That should be read before attempting any company financial analysis. 

To get to the CFRA Reports:

Go to the Library Home Page:

Scroll down to select the "Choose a Database" tile

Under Business: Industry Data select Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

Within Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage click on the Markets tab, then select Industry Surveys. 

Select the report for your industry. (Click on the pdf icon all the way on the right.)

The Table of Contents will include "How to Analyze a Company In This Industry." Read that section before analyzing the financial data for your company.

The Industry Surveys include sections on how the industry operates and on trends. Here you can explore forecasts for the industry and your company.