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Streaming Video at the CSUSB Libraries: Message From the Dean of the Libraries

Current CSUSB students, staff, and faculty have access through the library to thousands of streaming videos.


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29 October 2022

Kanopy and the future of streaming video

Greetings, faculty--

The CSUSB Libraries’ 2022-2023 allocation for Kanopy videos is spent, and we need to explore more sustainable solutions for streaming video content. 

During the first stage of the pandemic, the CSUSB Libraries budget received a one-time supplement to support online learning using Kanopy’s services. Many of you used these resources to good effect to help pivot your classes to online instruction mode.

The on-demand streaming video model is not sustainable. Unlike the companies behind our other streaming video databases, Kanopy specializes in selling a la carte streaming video licenses for a short time (one and three years are most common).  In other words, we are spending much funding on a small selection of titles that are not permanently added to CSUSB’s collection.

Going forward, we will prioritize seeking services that will either grant us permanent access, or paid subscriptions that give access to a large number of titles in a package. We encourage you to plan as early as possible to find suitable alternate content for your courses, and to contact the librarians as early as possible to assist you in identifying appropriate content in our large collection, or to find a sustainable alternative to a temporary streaming license.

Our current Kanopy videos will remain accessible for the duration of their licenses. We also retain access to two Kanopy collections: Media Education Foundation Videos at Kanopy and California Newsreel Videos at Kanopy.

It should be noted that commercially released films (usually popular feature films) will continue to be a challenge for us to provide. Feature films are often not available in educational subscription models or packages, as the individual subscription streaming market is so highly lucrative. A film you may be able to get as part of a service for less than $15 a month will cost us hundreds of dollars for temporary access if it is even available to institutions at all.

There is quick way to search all the streaming video content using OneSearch. See our guide, Streaming Video at the CSUSB Libraries. We have over 69,000 titles. And remember, do call us for assistance!

We realize that this is a shift in access from the recent past, and we will support you in making that shift while we seek sustainable solutions to provide quality content for our students.

Please let me know if you have questions.


Rebecca L. Lubas (she/her)

Dean of Libraries

California State University San Bernardino 


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