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A Faculty Guide to Streaming Video: Searching All Streaming Video Databases at Once

There's a lot of streaming video to discover! Here's how to get started.


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While you can search our streaming video databases individually, use OneSearch to discover streaming video content available to CSUSB faculty, staff, and students no matter which database it's in.


Follow these steps to retrieve only streaming videos:

1.  Search by title or keyword in OneSearch set to Books & Media (CSUSB).

2.  To see only streaming videos in your search results, under Refine my results - Availability, on the left, choose Available Online, then under Refine my results - Resource Type, choose Video, and click Apply Filters. NOTE: Depending on your search, you may need to click the Show More link to see the Video option.

Availability - Available Online; Resource Type - Video.


When you use OneSearch to discover streaming videos, you will frequently see results from Kanopy.  Unlike other streaming video vendors, Kanopy primarily sells one-year-long video licenses one at a time.  Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the expiration dates of Kanopy videos before assigning them to classes.

OneSearch is the only way to check Kanopy video license expiration dates.  When you click on a Kanopy video in your list of search results, you should see expiration date information on the next screen.  Here's an example:

Licensed for unlimited viewing until 2022-03-14.


Librarian Bonnie Petry is the Video Liaison to the faculty.  Feel free to contact her if you need assistance or have questions.


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