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Instructional Tools for Engagement: Google Slides

Internet tools that teaching faculty can utilize

Note about Google Slides

Although not an instructional tool in the same way as the other tools mentioned in this guide, there are ways to utilize Google Slides in interactive and engaging ways. I will list a few of those methods here. 

Google Slides Jeopardy

Image of slide that reads "Jeopardy! 5-topic template by Eric Curts"

Although it requires the work of you filling it in with content, this is a highly customizable template for Jeopardy on Google Slides. It really helps for niche topics for which you can't readily find a completed Jeopardy game. I've used this to create Jeopardy games for my Spanish GED course when I taught migrant workers. 

Slide of a Jeopardy board, ranging from $100 to $500 from top to bottom and listing Topics 1-5 from left to right

Credit to Eric Curts, who shares the template under a Creative Commons license. 

Image of tabs reading File > Make a copy > Entire presentation

To use, you must make your own copy. To do so, click on "File" on the top left corner of the screen and then "Make Copy". 

Google Slides Student Interactive Presentation

Google Slides Interactive Presentation

This is a unique way to include students in a whole class presentation. As the facilitator, you will create a Google Slides document with a title, introduction, and a certain number of slides. The number of slides will depend on either the number of groups that will be presenting or the number of individuals who will be presenting. You will make the document editable by anyone and provide the class with the document link. 

Image of a slide that reads: "introduction activity: getting to know you" with the subtitle that reads "your name, your course, date"

At this point, you will give students time to fill in their slides. The amount of time will vary based on the task, but should be around 10 min. 

I have created an outline that you can make a copy of an customize. The instructions on the slide read as follows: 

Welcome to the course! As a warm up activity, I want to know a little more about yourself. 

You will each get your own slide that you can customize with text and photos. 

I’d like you to share a few interesting details about yourself. You will see a sample of mine in the next slide.

I will assign you a number, share this presentation with you all, and you will edit your slide number.

Once students are done, you will go through the presentation and call them up one by one or in groups, whichever way you choose to organize it. You will give them a few minutes to show their slide and talk about themselves as a way to introduce themselves to the class. 

This format has other applications also. If you are doing a flipped classroom session, you can have groups of students put course content on the slides to present to their peers. 

Link to the Slides Presentation

Google Slides Accessibility

Google Docs supports certain accessibility features such as screen readers. Read more about their accessibility policy and features here